August 10th, 2009

DL Flynn!


Happy birthday to Circe and my Mommy! Also to Peter Kemp, who is 39 and displeased about it. Chin up, old chap. It's not like you're actually getting any older. Moving on...

I.LOVE.LONDON. Like love love. Serious love.

Vienna Love.

I went to the London Dungeons with the lovely Muz, Clare and Lisa. We jumped the line and I got in free, which was quite lovely! It was awesome and more involved than the Edinburgh Dungeon, and Idid the ride again and then Clare bought me pictures of the ride with me screaming and Muz looking too cool, and Lisa and Muz beheading Clare and I! Then we met up with Jess and had lunch where I had fish and fish and fish and chips. No. Really. I'll upload the pictures tomorrow and you'll be amused. And I ended up eating fish and fish and half-fish and half-chips so I finished most of it, GO ME! Then we went to the tower of London, after walking across the tower bridge which REALLY EXCITED ME (it did, ask any of my compatriots) and the tower was awesome and we saw crown jewels OooooOooOOoOOOOooo! Then we went for pizza and then we went on a ghost bus tour which was AWESOME and I saw Big Ben and the houses of parliament AND WE DROVE OVER TOWER BRIDGE IN A DOUBLE DECKER BUS LIKE IN THE MUMMY 2 OMGOMG except Brendan Fraser wasn't there. Which was most upsetting. But a strange and somewhat fit conductor was. He was awesome. It was a great tour. And I got a picture of where Sweeney Todd's place was on Fleet Street! And then when we were walking back to the underground station we passed the theatre where Jude Law is performing Hamlet but I DIDN'T lick him and the fact that he wasn't actually there has NOTHING to do with it at ALL... I'm a good girl.


AND TOMORROW IS DARKER LONDON DAY and I might be having a really excellent time, if you couldn't tell :D

EDIT: Photos here