June 24th, 2007

Black Books nothing wrong with my mind

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Right so...the door. HAHA... :| I was walking to the bathroom and I opened the door, it bounced off my foot and I walked STRAIGHT into it with my head...the door BOUNCED OFF my head and into my arm. And my foot was merely sockyclad so that's THREE INJURIES from one incident. God, I rule all. So anyway, I was trying to prove I didn't have a concussion to Lewi because apparently I was acting loopy. But I AM loopy. AND it was after midnight. And I kept saying silly things. And then he bonked his head lightly on the wall and he said "At least I didn't give myself a concussion!" My 'proving I am not confused' answer?

"I didn't give myself a crussion any either!!"

Yeah...clearly I was in my right mind there!! That proves everything *giggles*

Also...LOAD YAHOO MAIL, DAMN YOU! I want to reply to emails from my mommy and sister and niece but it won't LOAD the reply window. KHAIDHOAOIARGH!