September 13th, 2005


Have you ever been scared by a pigeon. I have. Oh I have.

This morning, I am walking to my car. I am minding my OWN BUSINESS and all of a sudden this pigeon SHOOTS in front of me cooing bloody murder. I call him Heart Attack Pigeon now, because of what he did. He was calmly sitting there, I was walking, nobody was giving anybody any heart attacks. And then he decides that I am somehow a threat EVEN though I don't SEE him, so he jumps out, flies reallyfast about a foot in front of me going "COO COOOOOOO COOOOOOOO" which caused me to jump a foot and a half, and scream myself. My screams intermingled with the coos, and that is my story of Heart Attack Pigeon.

I can now relate to several episodes of Friends. That is somehow scarier than the pigeon itself.