August 23rd, 2005

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Badfic Episode 3!!

As always, join babb_chronicles as the person who runs it is a genius and MUCH better at this than me. I am only doing this because I miss it while it's on hiatus, and I think everyone needs a little badfic every once in a while ;)

Badfic Quotes Episode 1 Here
Badfic Quotes Episode 2 Here

Please excuse the first fic, I find fics where the authors desrcibe the most ridiculous outfits hilarious. THEY'RE 11!!!!! Ahahhaaaaaa!!And of course I HATE it when they put Lucius Malfoy in the same year as the Mauraders....AUGH!!!!

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Okay, I can't do anymore today, but there'll be another batch tomorrow or the next day. Hope you liked!!


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