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Yes, this IS about Nikki. Keep in mind she had 10,000 dollars in savings at the time

Am I only a worthwhile friend if I am buying people things? PLANE TICKET THINGS. After I already did once (that one I am not complaining about) Am I really so boring that the only worth I have is that I an generous? That can't be right...right? I'm nice and funny and stuff...right?

Ok I know I am being paranoid and also a git. But sometimes I feel so worthless and the only reason people are nice to me is because I buy them things and when I complain about it. LEGITIMATELY, mind you...I get the ass end of the...thing...

I must suck. Lots.

AND AND AND my friend Sean is getting married!!!! I am refraining from using his middle name, as I am not sure if this person wants this knowledge spread and he generally GOES by his middle name lol. But I am SOOOOOO happy for him. Seriously. We go way back. We have a history. So him being happy is one of the best things that could happen and I don't feel guilty for being happy too. I asked him to sing at MY wedding. He said yes and now I feel okay about that lol. I just didn't want him to be mad and Lewi felt bad because he likes hi but YAY because now there won't be weirdness!!!!

Wow I am having major moodswings. Happy, sad, depressed, fyfehappy, sad, happy, ecstatic, annoyed...STOP WILL YOU, it isn't even PMS time yet ('Cause you ALL wanted to know that ;))

I care WAY too much about the way other people are feeling. Really...I do.

Stupid being empathetic. Fuck OFF won't you?


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