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20 October 2005 @ 11:49 am
I am fucking pissed off.  
Okay, the reason my lovely travel agent hasn't called me back is because she was out sick and now today is her day off. AUGH! Why didn't she have a coworker call me or something?! So I called them and they found it on the system at least.

So tickets here when Nikki wants to come are over SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS. Because of the Melbourne Cup.

Sorry. I have a loan to pay. I can't afford that and the 450 from last time and the 100 from the time before that.

What happened to people paying me back?

And now I am getting all angry and irrational and nobody NEEDS THAT RIGHT NOW!!!

I forgot when it because my responsibility to do this. Did I agree to that? And I kind of wonder why I was expected to do it this time because, yes, it WAS an idea I had awhile ago. And yes if I hadn't used my savings to buy the other ticket to NOT BE REPAID it wouldn't matter because Hey, I could use my savings. Sorry, that's gone. GONE. And I have a fucking HUGE debt to the US which I have to pay EVERY MONTH and I have to pay Lewi's parents 200 bucks EVERY MONTH. So even if I WANTED to book this ticket right now, I couldn't, because I don't have enough in my bank account AND MY SAVINGS ARE GONE (to be replaced once I get my tax return in 2 weeks)

Jesus Christ, I wish money weren't such a big deal. I also which I knew how to say no. Or "Can't you help with this?" Or, "Uhm...don't YOU have savings somewhere? And so why am I cleaning out MINE to do this?"

Oh ok...I guess I just said it.

I suggest leaving me alone for about 2 hours. Unless of course, you are giving me money. With the exception of Nikki and Lewi.

Well and Jamie, but that's RP. Good distraction...yessssss

I just want to cry.


EDIT: *bursts out laughing* Oh dear. So I check my email and what do I find. A letter from United offering me like 300 bucks off a plane ticket. Unfortunately they don't fly to Christchurch, but the humor was not lost on me, thank goodness. I'm glad I can't stay very pissed for very long.
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