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My Martin Luther Loathing

.... I hate you, Martin Luther!!!!!

Yes...Yes I do. I am trying to write a paper on the reformation of the church and all I can think about is how much Martin Luther really did look like a Bullfrog. Well....that and How much I really wish that I were with Lewi right now lol. Stupid peasant's revolt!!! Yeah ok so I can't really blame them for being cranky and all but why do I have to write about it! Blah. Whining about it though, I am enjoying that. ;) But I guess I should go do it *grumbles* It's not like I can sleep anyway. I'm too hyper lol. I do wish I had some cake...ooh! I found a ten dollar bill! Hello laundry!
Tags: cake!, german, lewi, sillyness!, studying

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