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Badfic Episode 3!!

As always, join babb_chronicles as the person who runs it is a genius and MUCH better at this than me. I am only doing this because I miss it while it's on hiatus, and I think everyone needs a little badfic every once in a while ;)

Badfic Quotes Episode 1 Here
Badfic Quotes Episode 2 Here

Please excuse the first fic, I find fics where the authors desrcibe the most ridiculous outfits hilarious. THEY'RE 11!!!!! Ahahhaaaaaa!!And of course I HATE it when they put Lucius Malfoy in the same year as the Mauraders....AUGH!!!!

** Link

(Summary) Its just a look at life with the Marauders. I also threw in my own charachters. r&r. I royaly suck at summarys
D/C: I only own Danielle, Marie, and Camron Eleson; Daphney and Alisha Johnson (no relation to angelina johnson in the book i swear it); Madison Carson; and Jessica Martinaz. I also own some bits of the plot. There will be only a few parts that are J.K. Rowlings as well as all of the charachters you recognise from the books. Other than what you recognise its all mine. ha haha.
Staring(mainly): Danielle Eleson

Marie Eleson

Sirius Black

James Potter

Remus Lupin
Seven girls stood in a group. They were on platform 9 3/4. They were waiting to bored the Hogwarts Exspress. they were all eleven years old. and off to the first year at hogwarts school of witch craft and wizardry.
The next girl was slightly darker in her appearence. She had dark blood red hair on pigtails. She wore a black shirt and black baggy bellbottoms. Her name was Maddison Carson. She was a pure blood witch too.
Marie was obviously the most punk looking one there. She had on a black shirt much like the one that on Daphney. The only diffrence was Marie's said 'PUNK' in red lettering. She had on baggy camo cargo pants on that clung to her waist. she also had black fishnet arm warmmer/fingerless gloveson. she had black hair too. All seven of the girls sported studded cholkers.
"Marie Eleson or Mark"

"Are you two twins?" Sirius asked.

" Two of three Trippletts." Marie said.
The Sorting started (This is only for the people i'm useing)

Black, Narcissa Slytheren

Black, Sirius Gyffindor

Carson, Maddison Slytheren

Eleson, Camron Ravenclaw

Eleson, Danielle Gryffindor

Eleson, Marie Gryffindor

Evans, Lily Gryffindor

Johnson,Alisha Slytherin

Johnson,Daphney Hufflepuff

Lupin, Remus Gryffindor

Martinaz, Jessica Hufflepuff

Malfoy, Lucius slytherin

Pettigrew, Peter Gryffindor

Potter,James Gryffindor

Snape, Severus Slytherin
Albus Doumbledor, the headmaster, rose from his seat. " Wellcome,students and staff, to another year at Hogwarts."
A/n: Well what do you think? i thought it was pretty good myself. hope you enjoyed it. also ignore the spelling and grammar mistakes. i have no programs with spell check and i am devoid of a dictionary and grammar book. TTFN.

** Link

(summary) Lily Evans is a mediummediator. James is a ghost. Sirius and Remus is also a mediator. Oh, yeah so is Tom Riddle. The story goes the same track as the HP books but just going into different curves. AU enjoy!
(sorry it's so big but...dude...I HAVE to post it! I am so disturbed by this...)
Hi, My name is Lily Evans. I’m 17 and I’m a mediator, a liaison between the living and the dead. I can talk, hit, see, hug, kiss or whatever I want to do to a ghost I can do properly.

It is also my job to clean up after these ghosts who had their businesses “unfinished”.

It means that if you died and you left things untidy I have to clean up after you. Other mediators, especially Professor Dumbledore and Professor Mcgonagall say that it’s not entirely my job, but somehow I feel like I have to do it.

Even though I have to do this “job” being a mediator also have its ups and downs. For example, you have ghosts popping in and out in your life, even when you’re showering just for the sake of asking some help.

Though I don’t mind having ghosts around, actually it gave me an annoying “mate”. His name is James Potter, he died when someone forcefully took out his soul from his body, unfortunately the situation is irreversible, so… he died but his soul stayed, looking for the task that he must do to go to the after life. anyway I met him when I moved in, I was 16 then, and I saw him when I was doing my homework. He told me the answer to the question and it scared the bloody hell out of me. After that we got on… well, I can say friendly terms but I would much prefer say that James and I are like the angel and the devil. He does the tricks, I do the right thing

But being with James is not all that easy, I soon found out why James died, someone was after him, another mediator. His name is Tom Riddle, he killed James by fulfilling the prophecy that his great-grandfather told his dad that he found about when he's not supposed to.Togive this prophecy some truth a pure mediator (meaning being a mediator has been passed on from genrations to your family),had to kill 100 mediators who came from a line of mediators to make him immortal between the worlds of living and dead and James was one of them. Tom is supposed to complete the prophecy by killing James but it didn’t, somehow something blocked him from doing so but he didn’t care about that. He only cared of completing the prophecy and he found another victim…


** Link

(summary) Ron & Hermione are meant to be toghter! but when & how will it happen? HrR & HG
“Excuse me?” yelled an aggravated Hermione, “You heard me you no-it-all bookworm!” yelled an equally angry Ron. “Ron, that is so old, you’ll have to do better than that to get to me,” she yelled back. “Well maybe this is something you’ve never heard it’s called ‘the truth’ wanna hear it? You’ve got no friends! Harry, Ginny & I are your only friends & we don’t even like you that much!” “Hey, leave me & Gin out of this” came Harry’s voice, from the couch.
“YES Ron, you do & everybody except you & Hermione can see that!” said Harry getting annoyed with Ron’s arrogance. “Mate, I don…. Mate! I do! I like Hermione Granger!” said Ron, surprised that he had spilled his feelings for his best friend to his OTHER best friend. “There you go mate! Now what are you gonna do about it” Harry pressed on, “I’m gonna! …do absolutely nothing.” Said Ron looking downcast. “And why the hell not?” asked Harry confused. “Because I can’t, ok?” with that Ron stormed up to the boys dorm. ‘I wonder how Ginny’s going with ‘mione?’ thought Harry.
“Hey ‘mione Harry & me are your bestest friends & so is Ron even though he doesn’t always act like it,” replied Ginny, then it hit her! “’Mione did you just say you loved my brother?” asked Ginny stunned. “Uh… no... I said I liked Ron as a friend,” said Hermione defensibly, “No you didn’t you said you loved him! OMG YOU LOVE MY BROTHER! EWWWWW!” said Ginny making a disgusted face. “I do not, I repeat, DO NOT love your brother!” said Hermione strongly.

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(summary) harry just gets back from school and finds out he is a elf prince.
(ENTIRE story) It is the last day of term and Harry was on his way home with the durslys. They get home and Vernon yells at him saying get that filthy trunk inside now boy. Ok uncle Vernon. Don’t say that in that ungrateful tone young man. Sorry aunt petunia. Well do as he says now. They go in and Harry stays in his room. It is nearing July 31st for his birthday and he does not know what is in store for him. A week has past and it is his birthday. He is a sleep and does not see a figure go to him. All of a sudden he feels something on the back of his neck. He jumps and rolls while picking up his glasses and wand. He points his wand at the intruder and sees its ears. What the hell is going on here? I am here to take you home with me said the elf. Hell no! You are just a death eater who wants to kill me. That filthy piece of whispered the elf. No we are not on friendly terms with him for what he did to the royal family. Who is the royal family? Asked Harry. Well you are their son young one said the elf. So it is time to go Prince Harry. The elf took him and disappered for two years not to return until his training is completed.
(A review) I think you need to practice a bit with writing stories..

** Link

(summary) i did want to be funyn but its a taste. Ron finaly learns what muggles can do whit this devicerated for some implied things but its discreet
Disclaimer: stop bothering me bout thi i dont own it, i wish i did then there would be H/Hrm and ron somewhere off maybe whit brown or lovegood
Harry merely chuckled at her behaviour and thought about something he read on his laptop he got present from Hermione.

“What is so funny Harry?” Hermione now looking at him whit a curios expression on her face

“Nothing I whas merely thinking about some sites I have been to on that laptop you got me”

“I hope they are not sites with those pictures are they?”

“Heavens no, Hermione do you think I am some kind of pervert?”
“So, Ron the laptop is used by Muggles for work or for pleasure you also have it in bigger forms like Computers but lets just stay to the basics and not go in-deep at the mechanichs”
“WHAT ! How can muggles know about us we have charms and spells to prevent that” Ron shouted

“Calm down Ron, it is not that they hurt us whit it, they even have fan sites for our muggle actors”

“What, I don’t get it? Are you saying there are muggles who play use?”

“Yes Ron we are merely fictonal people controlled by the author of this story”

“I don’t understand about this author”

“Well you see J. K. Rowling created us in books and they made the books Muggle movies and actors play our role and I must say Daniel Radcliffe is rather cute. But the author of this story is controlling what we say and our actions”
“Get a room you two and tell me about that site whit stories” Ron intureped breaking the moment

“Ronald Weasley you have inturepted their special moment you prat”

** Link

(Summary) this is what i think Sirius might of said at the Potter's wedding sniff i miss Sirius,he was hot. (This was actually kinda sweet but two quotes made me go 'Huh?' and 'HAHAHHAHAHAA' respectively.)
True love is looking into her eyes,

And even though you might be old, wrinkly and grey

But you still find yourself looking at the world,
It’s when she’s pregnant and is the size of a jumping castle,

But she looks more beautiful than from the day you met

** Link

(Summary) Nina finds out,5 years to late, that she was exepted to Hogwarts. she decieds try things in the wizarding world.She ends up having two lives,and two boyfriends.When Nina's worlds collied she has to decied : the life she has always known or the other world
David is my boyfriend and I love him, he is sweet and spontaneous and… I don’t want to ramble so I’ll leave it at that, I pulled into the airport parking lot, did I forget to mention where we were getting him from? He had been in Porto Rico visiting his Grandparents for the last two weeks.
“Hey stranger.” He said chocolate brown eyes were dancing. (THAT is one messed up visual!)
“I don’t know, why don’t you come back to my place and we can look him up.” David is always trying to get in my pants, playfully of course.
David was suddenly very close to me “I missed you” he said softly and then he kissed me. It was tender and sweet, but at the same time it was hard and long, he was a great kisser. I could feel myself getting warm in places only a guy you really like can get you warm in.
"Nina, you remember how you mom died about a year ago right?" he asked looking up at me, his eyes were glazed over and he was talking crazy. I've dealt with my dad drunk on several occasions and he was acting drunk now.
Danny, I know you are in no way connected to the magical world, but Nina is. I would love more than anything for you to introduce her to that world after my death. Nina if your father isn't alive either I want you to talk to the beautiful cat that comes around on every Halloween, it sounds insane but please for me, just say hi to her, she b will b/ make it worth your while.
"We should go out, your –" I cut him off by screaming, there was that cat! THAT CAT!

"I HAVE TO GO!" I yelled apologetically, running after the pretty cat that I knew so well.

** Link

(Summary) pre HBP draco Mafoy descovers how to get what he's always wanted. hermione granger is forced to be his unwilling servant or loose her friends and flesh how will she cope with extra stress in her N.E.W.T year warning m for a reson spoilers for books 1 to 5
A/N hey this is my first fanfic please please please review I hope you like it honest its about Hermione being controlled by Draco but with out the imperious curse I only own the plot and the chocolate muffin I am eating all else is jk rowlings all praise and kudos to her bows in affection at goddess jk

"Controlled by the serpent"
Ron and Harry went back to playing wizards chess and Hermione brought out a large book capable of causing a sever head injury if used as a weapon, fortunately however Hermione wanted to read this book not use it as a weapon.
“Well my dear granger we are sharing quarters as we are heads and I grow tiered of seeing potter twist you round his little finger making you check his homework and essays and for what? What does he ever do to you in return?” She was about to interrupt when Malfoy held up a hand to stop her “so from no on you will tend to my beck and call my every need and you shall treat me like a god”
“That’s it,” he said “now Hermione I will only do this for you once he sealed the cut magically repaired her bra and removed the bloodstain from her blouse she realised she was practically naked from her waste up and she blushed “now what do you say”
(A/N from Chapter 2..oh yes...it has chapters) All characters. Buildings and stuff belongs to jk rowling kudos to her. The plot and the word dismooblicateor however are mine.
Ron and Harry were soon involved in a conversation about quiddich and Ginny turned to Hermione and said “so umm who’s head boy” Hermione had known it would be coming and resting the urge to burst into tears again she mumbled something that sounded like “Saco Milroy.”
The others started playing exploding snap and Hermione buried herself in the standard book of spells volume 7 though she stared at the same page for an hour or more not taking in what it said about the dis-moo-blic-ator curse a curse for unity and peace.
After lunch she changed into her Hogwarts robes and told the others that she had to go and do head duties.

Okay, I can't do anymore today, but there'll be another batch tomorrow or the next day. Hope you liked!!


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